Dead Sea Scroll Manuscripts

I am convinced that the average man on the street believes the Dead Sea Scrolls contain all of the books of the Hebrew Bible in complete form. I receive questions with great frequency from people who want to find a specific scripture in the Dead Sea Scrolls. As a source of Bible verses the Scrolls are greatly over rated by the average person. Outside of Isaiah and Habakkuk (the only complete books of the Bible) there is little hope of finding a specific scripture in the Scrolls. Most of the "Scroll Manuscripts" are fragments averaging in size from a postage stamp to a few fragmentary pages of text. Several scrolls of what is average to large size are shown below to illustrate just what is contained in the scrolls. There is actually very little scripture text in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Although there are fragments that verify the existence of all the books of the O.T. except Esther and Nehemiah. This information should make the value of the Isaiah Scroll and the Pesher to Habakkuk even more apparent.

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Community Rule

Damascus Document

War of the Sons of Light

War Rule MSS
Pierced Messiah Text

Songs of the Sabbath Sacrifice

Some Torah Precepts

A Portion of Eccles1astes

Some Canonical Psalms and
some non-canonical

The Apocryphal Book Of Enoch

Prayer For King Jonathan

Manual of Discipline

The Calendrical Document

Pesher of Hosea

Leviticus (Va-Yikrah)

Hodayot (1QHa The Thanksgiving Hymns)

Isaiah Pesher

The Testimonia
Messiah Text

"The Slain Messiah"

4Q246 The Son Of God text

The Copper Scroll

7Q5 Theide's "Mark Fragment"

Page from the Order
of the Community

A Scroll Jar

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