Directory of English Translations of 41 Dead Sea Scroll Documents

Find here English translations and explanations of various Dead Sea Scroll documents. In most cases the actual universal catalog number of the DSS document is given in the selection. This selection should acquaint you with the kind of literature and the cultural background of those who were protectors and preservers of the scrolls. The translators are not always identified. Spelling mistakes and typographical errors exist within the translation and I have left them as found.

For an article on Carbon 14 dating of the DSS click here

The Words of Moses
Commentaries on Genesis
Priestly Service on New Year's Day
A Reworking of Genesis And Exodus
The temple as described in the Temple Scroll
The Archangel Michael And King Zedekiah
The Book of Secrets
The War Scroll
A Liturgical Calendar
The Inheritance of The Firstborn, The Messiah of David
Commentary on Psalms
Prayer of Praise
The Last Days: A Commentary on Selected Verses
A Liturgy
A Lament for Zion
The Secret of The Way Things Are
The Ages of The World
A Baptismal Liturgy
In Praise of Wisdom
Meditation on Israel's History
The Parable of the Bountiful Tree
Redemption and Resurrection
Lives of The Patriarchs
The Book of Giants
Israel And The Holy Land
Assorted Manuscripts
Enoch And The Watchers
The Two Ways
The Healing of King Nabonindus
The Vision of Daniel
A Vision of The Son of God
Tales of The Patriarchs
The Acts of A King
The Thanksgiving Psalms
The Coming of Melchizedek
The Divine Throne Chariot
Tongues of Fire
A Horoscope Written in Code

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