Directions for Installing the OnLineBible

Directions for Installing the OnLineBible to your hard drive. First Right Click on your cd rom drive icon. (Find it in "My Computer" if it is not on your desk top.) Then click Open. Then Drag and drop the Onlinebib folder from the cd to your c:drive. Open the folder and click on "You Must read Me First" Folder then click the read me file and follow the directions there.

This is one of the finest Bible programs going. It has more than the LOGOS programs which cost over $400. This program is provided free by

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This program is free and is not for sale. I have not changed the price on my cd. My material is offered for sale. But the OLB is free. The trouble of downloading OLB is passed over here and much time is saved. It is offered to you free.

There are other modules that you can look at the address above.

You can download all that is here and more at that address.

You may want to print out these instructions and the instructions in the read me file you will find later, rather than referring back to this page.

Here are Only Some of the versions and helps in this folder: KJV, ASV, Interlinear Greek NT, LXX, Wescott and Hort Greek Text, R.C. Douay, Byzantine received Greek Text, Spanish 1999 version, Vulgate, Hebrew text parsed, Hebrew text normal. Strongs Dict, Ewell's dict, Hebrew lexicon, Greek Lexicon. Incredible helps and search engines. And much much more. What a program! All Greek texts have grammatical identifications and are linked to Strongs.